Tabara de limba engleza - english cool camp
Invata si te distreaza alaturi de traineri din Marea Britanie in tabara de limba engleza

Trainerii britanici care au fost prezenţi în anul 2017 în taberele de limba engleza ENGLISH COOL CAMP ®



Thanks for everything! It has been such a pleasure to teach at The English Cool Camp. – Jack




English Cool Camp has been an amazing experience and I have loved each moment that I have been here. Thank you so much for all the fun memories. I hope to come back! Love, Mairead




Thank you very much for the best experience ever! Each day has been new and exciting. Thank you for being so generos and kind and make sure we are always Ok! I hope to do more English Cool Camps in the future! – Aine




Thank you for everything! English Cool Camp has been an amazing experience I will never forget! Lots of great memories, would love to come back in the future! – Lauren P.

Lauren P 



I’ve had an amazing time at English Cool Camp and would love to come again. – Tom




This is an experience I would be crazy not to repeat.Thank you to Mihaela, Clement all the hotel staff and everyone and anyone who contributed to making this experience unforgettable. Lots of love and see you again one day! – Jasmin




S’up playas. This has been a pretty rockin’ camp and definitely makes me want to return to Romania. I don’t really have much to say. It has been a blast though. Top banter! – Jacob




English Cool Camp has been amazing. The children have been absolutely fantastic. Definitely would come back and explore Romania again. – Becca




Thank you so much for having me, it’s been an amazing 3 weeks and I’ve enjoyed all. I did not know what to expect of Romania before I came here, but I found a beautiful country full of wonderful scenery and people and I would be more than happy to come back in the future. All my love, Ed.




Hello for the second time! Once again I cannot stress how great this experience has been. The team was beyond lovely, thank you Mihaela & Clement for making it an unforgettable adventure for the second time in a row. See you soon, Romania! – Jonas                




I have absolutely loved my time at English Cool Camp and thoroughly enjoyed teach each and every kid in my groups! It has been very enriching, worth every minute and an overall amazing experience. Hope to see you soon! – Yasmin




Hey y’all! I had a wonderful time at English Cool Camp! I learned so much and met a bunch of fantastic people. I hope my student group enjoyed our classes as much as I did. All my love, Andrei




I have had such a wonderful time here at Cool Camp. It has been a unique opportunity to visit Romania. Thank you for organizing such an amazing camp. I’ve enjoyed being kid again for three weeks – I’ve enjoyed all the activities just as much as the children! Thanks to everybody – children, staff and trainers for making this such a memorable experience that I will treasure forever. Lots of love, Amy




I have literally had the best 3 weeks here at English Cool Camp! This was my second time here in Romania! The organizers are just amazing and do what ever they can to help you with everything. Thank you for a fab time! Love- Stacie




I have loved being here in Romania – such an undiscovered beautiful country. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to come and teach here. Thank you for your kindness and for always doing everything you can for us. I will always treasure the memories I have made here and the people I have met. Love you guys! –Tullia




I want to let you know how much of an amazing time I have had in this camp. I have loved teaching English to you all and have been so impressed with your level of English. I think I have fallen in love with Romania – such a beautiful country and such friendly people. I will miss you all. Thank you for such an amazing time! Rachael




This has been such an amazing 3 weeks. I’ve had so much fun with all of the kids and other trainers. I’ve experienced things here I’ll never forget. Balvanyos is a beautiful jewel within a beautiful country and I feel so lucky for my time here. – Reika




These past three weeks have been an absolute blast. I am grateful for getting the chance to meet some incredible people from all around the world. I also really enjoyed travelling around Romania, exploring the gems of Transylvania. I will be back! – Aleksandra




This has been a really good experience and I have really enjoyed myself. The activities were fun and I got to do things I haven’t done before. It’s a beautiful country and I would love to come back some day. – Philippa




This truly has been an amazing month. I have learned so much about myself, the fellow trainers and this beautiful country. The memories I have made here I will remember for my entire life. This was my first teaching experience and I believe I undertook it in the perfect place – Skirma




Thank you so much for having me in your beautiful country. I’ve had a lovely time and you’ve been amazing organizers. Cool Camp has exceeded my expectations. Thank you again! – Lauren B.




This camp is a really beautiful location in country that’s very rich in culture. I’ve really enjoyed discovering Romania – both through interacting with its young people and through our excursions to great places. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed myself and I think that anyone would have! – Oliver




This has been a fantastic experience at English Cool Camp! It’s helped me to grow through new experiences and I’ve really enjoyed working with the children and other trainers. The trips and outings have been amazing and I’ve loved learning about Romania and its culture. - Hannah




Romania has felt like a home away from home. Mihaela is like a fairy godmother and I will miss everyone very much. I have loved teaching the kids who have made me laugh almost every day. Love from Claire




English Cool Camp has been an amazing experience. Romania is a beautiful country! All the children have all been a pleasure to teach and have so much talent. Peace out! Becca L




When I came here I had no idea what to expect. Thank you for the opportunity to see this beautiful country and meet wonderful people. English Cool Camp, thanks for everything! – Wouter




English Cool Camp meant a lot to me: amazing kids, amazing trainers, amazing organizers, amazing trips, and amazing scenery. – Magnus




English Cool Camp is an interesting experience and a lot of fun. I really recommend it. My message for the next trainers is: “ Just go for it!” – Elen




I had a great experience here, at English Cool Camp. The kids are amazing and make you to be the ”best you” ever! - Vinni